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Ideas and concepts to consider. May 2019



I hope everyone has been enjoying the spring weather. May is finally here, which is one of my favorite months because of its mildness and it means winter and tax season is officially behind us.


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Mergers & Acquisitions: What's in the Deal for Investors? 
Synergy is the financial benefit that is expected from the joining of two companies.
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How Does the Federal Reserve Affect the Economy? 
If you follow financial news, you've probably heard many references to "the Fed" along the lines of "the Fed did this or that," or "market watchers are wondering what the Fed will do next." So what exactly is the Fed and what does it do, anyway?
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How to Recover from a Mid-Life Financial Crisis 
A mid-life crisis can be scary, but there are ways you can help yourself recover from it.
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What is a college income-share agreement? 
A college income-share agreement, or ISA, is a contract between a student and a college where a student receives education funding from the college today in exchange for agreeing to pay a percentage of future earnings to the college for a specified period of time after graduation.
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How much money should a family borrow for college? 
There is no magic formula to determine how much you or your child should borrow for college, but there is such a thing as borrowing too much.
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